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Design Trend: Dual-Purpose Rooms

At Behind Closed Doors we’re all about maximizing functionality, which is why we’re big fans of dual-purpose rooms. Why have a laundry room AND a mudroom when you can combine the two? Why dedicate an entire room to guests who only visit a few times a year when you can add a Murphy Bed to a home office? As the preeminent leader in storage solutions in Coastal Maryland and Delaware, we offer tons of creative solutions to take advantage of one of the hottest trends in home design right now: dual-purpose rooms. See our top tips below to start making the most of every room in your home!

Laundry + Mudrooms

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Typically located off the garage or a side entrance, lots of people are opting for a combined laundry and mudroom rather than dedicating a separate space to each. If you think about it, it makes sense. Both rooms require similar materials—durable, water-resistant flooring and cabinet or cubby storage—and both serve as a dumping place (whether it be dirty clothes in the laundry room or jackets, shoes, backpacks, etc., in the mudroom). When combining the two rooms, most clients opt for a combination of cabinets, cubbies, lockers, hooks, and benches to accommodate all those dropped items and to store all your typical laundry room necessities.

Office + Guest Room

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This one is a no-brainer. Home offices were once a neglected, sterile space used only sparingly, but they’re now a worthwhile addition thanks to the increase of people working from home part or full-time. As home offices become more coveted, it only makes sense to double up these spaces as guest rooms with the help of a Murphy Bed. The great thing about wall beds is they’re the ultimate space-saving solution. When not in use, they fold back and out of the way. Plus the lines we carry are so much more attractive than the Murphy Beds of past!

Closet + Bathroom

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There’s something so luxurious about a master bathroom that flows into a master closet. We love when clients choose to blend these spaces together for a smooth transition throughout the master suite. It gives you easy access to all the things you need while getting ready—clothes, shoes, accessories, hair products, makeup, and more! And it makes you feel like you have your own little apartment inside your house. Who wouldn’t love that?!

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Home Offices: Style Versus Function

The past few years of working from home culture have transformed how we look at home offices. Once a neglected, sterile space used only sparingly, home offices are now a worthwhile addition thanks to the increase of people working from home part or full-time. The trickiest part about designing a home office is trying to figure out how to marry style and function. You need the space to serve your work needs first and foremost, but you don’t want to return to the days of barren and bleak. Enter our experts at Behind Closed Doors Custom Closets & Cabinetry! Not only can we provide storage solutions for your home office, but we also can guide you through what items you should purchase for fun and which you should purchase for function!

For Looks: Lighting

Give in to style when picking out your office lighting—from desk lamps to ceiling lights to sconces and beyond. Figure out if you want a chandelier, flush mount, and/or sconces as the focal lighting first. Then add in lamps for the desk and side tables. Tip: use an attractive floor lamp to brighten a dark corner of the office.

Photo Credit: Black Goose Design

For Function: Shelving

First things first, decide if open shelving or cabinets are going to work better for your working from home needs. While we love the look of custom built-ins with open shelves, they don’t lend themselves well to file folders, bulky printers and other office eyesores. So if you need that space to store them, you might want to put them behind closed doors. If you don’t have a ton of office eyesores, you can hide them behind cabinet doors on the bottom of a shelving system and still do open shelving on top styled better to your tastes!

Photo Credit: Monika Hibbs

For Looks: Desk

Since you’ll inevitably be installing built-in shelving or cabinets, your desk doesn’t have to function as your main storage area. So feel free to choose something solely for looks! Think of the desk as the pièce de résistance of the home office.

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

For Function: Desk Chair

While we fully support going all in for looks with the desk, the desk chair is another story. You’ll want to choose something that’s supportive and comfortable first and foremost. After all, it is something you’ll sit in for long periods of time. Think about whether the chair will promote good posture and avoid chairs that collapse your back or make it easy to hunch. Trust us, your back will thank you!

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Is Your Garage Summer-Ready?

Summer means surfboards, kayaks and fishing gear; bikes, coolers and golf clubs—all of the things that can clutter up your garage if you don’t have proper storage. Enter our innovative and attractive space-saving solutions that will turn your cluttered garage into an organized paradise! Not only are our garage cabinets and storage solutions attractive, but our material options are specifically engineered to withstand moisture and heat to protect against the coastal climate of the Delaware and Maryland beaches. As the leader in custom cabinetry and storage solutions in the area, here are our top tips for planning your garage makeover!

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

One of the biggest drawbacks of standing shelves is that they fail to capitalize on vertical space. Our garage cabinets and storage systems can be customized to the height you need so that you aren’t wasting valuable space up high!

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Utilize Track and Rail Systems

Whether you’re looking to store taller items like rakes and ladders or smaller items like tools and nails, track and rail systems are a great choice! The best part? They’re interchangeable so they can evolve as your life (and stuff) does.

2022 06 06 0003

Coat Your Floors

We highly recommend coating your garage floors so that they stand the test of time. Epoxy finishes are popular, but we recommend a polyaspartic floor coating. It’s super resilient and makes your garage floor look better longer.

2022 06 06 0002

Think Outside the Garage

Don’t forget to plan for extras like refrigerators and freezers—things you may not necessarily need but that are great for overflow from inside. They can help expedite all your summer necessities—popsicles for the kids and whatever your beverage of choice is for adults!

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5 Upgrades to Make Your Closet Feel Luxurious

Are you ready to ditch your builder-grade closet and finally install storage solutions that work for your wardrobe? We’ve got you covered! At Behind Closed Doors, we specialize in closets with personality. From drawers and shelving to doors and rods, our custom closets reflect your individual needs and style. And while there are endless ways to give your closet more personality, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 upgrades that will make your closet feel luxurious!

Real Wood

Selecting real wood cabinets makes all the difference—not only in quality but in appearance as well. And because our real wood materials are fabricated locally, it’s actually an upgrade that will save you time! We can complete any size closet in a quicker timeframe without sacrificing on quality thanks to our local fabrication.

Center Island

Islands aren’t just for the kitchen! We love adding them into our custom closets to store smaller items like jewelry and accessories, as well as functional add-ons like a laundry hamper and fold-out ironing board. Elevate the look with marble or marble-look countertops.

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There’s no simpler way to elevate your custom closet than with lighting. Try installing a focal chandelier in the center of the closet to make a statement or go more subtle with recessed puck lighting to show off purses and accessories, LED lighting to illuminate your wardrobe behind glass doors, or ribbon lighting above closet rods to provide more functional light.

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If you spend all this time designing your custom closet, shouldn’t you be able to sit down and enjoy it? From benches and ottomans to window seats and vanity chairs, we’re big fans of adding in seating of some shape or form to your custom closet design.

Beverage Bar

Because getting ready is more fun with a cocktail (or two)! Stock your mini fridge with waters, sodas, wine and/or beer to sip while getting dressed. Or take it up a notch by adding an espresso machine. Trust us, this is one upgrade that’s worth every penny.

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How to Organize Post-Install

Spring is for cleaning—and organizing! One of the biggest requests we receive from clients post-installation is tips on organizing their new closet, cabinets or storage solutions. Fortunately, we’ve worked through a lot of these kinks during the design phase, customizing hooks, drawers, shelves, and cabinets to fit each client’s individual needs.

But our expertise doesn’t end once we install a project! Our team of experienced professionals is here to help guide you all the way to the end. So here are five tips for organizing your new space, whether it’s a closet, pantry, mudroom, laundry room, garage or office!


Before you start putting your belongings into your custom closet, cabinets, or storage area, we recommend siphoning through everything to decide what you absolutely want to keep and what you may no longer need. Whether you employ the Marie Kondo “does it spark joy” method or simply ask yourself whether you’ve used that particular item in the past year, reducing the number of items that go into a storage area always helps improve function.

2022 04 27 0010

Place Everything

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Now that you’ve pared down your items, we recommend placing everything before buying any additional accessories like bins and baskets that haven’t already been pre-determined. In a mudroom, for example, you may decide you want a bin with a sloped front to go at the top of your cubby after seeing what items need to be stored there. Things that are used everyday—like dog leashes and hats—need to be easily accessible. You don’t want to be constantly pulling down a basket to get out the contents if you could just reach up into the bin instead.

2022 04 27 0011

Add in Decorative Storage

Now that everything is placed, it’s time to add in any decorative storage that you need in the form of bins, baskets, or organizers. For pantries, we recommend clear storage containers so that everything remains in view and is easy to grab. For closets, we suggest velvet hangers, as they’re equally functional (clothes actually stay on the hangars!) and attractive. For other areas, keep in mind how often you need to access something to determine the type of bin or basket that may work best. And of course, we always recommend choosing something attractive!

2022 04 27 0009

Don’t Get Lazy

Kudos for prioritizing storage solutions in your home! But your job isn’t done. Make sure you find a place for every new item you bring into the house and avoid catchall areas where items can clutter up. For example, we don’t recommend placing empty baskets in a corner of your new kitchen for keys and other pocket items as they end up turning into a clutter trap. It’s better to put items back where they belong as they come into the house. We know, easier said than done. But we believe in you!

2022 04 27 0012

Keep Going

Now that you’ve solved a storage problem for one area of your house, it’s time to keep going! Think about how much better your life functions and how much of a weight has been lifted since you prioritized organization in your home. Hold onto that feeling, tackling one area at a time. One of the biggest storage trends we’re loving right now is Murphy beds. They’re the perfect solution for maximizing an extra room—be it home office or play room—providing a bed for out-of-town guests that can be conveniently tucked away when not in use. What’s next on your storage solution list?

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Your Closet & Cabinet Specialist in Coastal Maryland & Delaware

When it comes to quality custom closets and cabinets in Coastal Delaware and Maryland, there’s no other name but Behind Closed Doors! At BCD, we design, manufacture and install custom closets, cabinetry and storage solutions for all your home and business needs.

From the initial in-home design consultation through fabrication and install, our team of experienced and passionate professionals will guide you every step of the way. We offer an industry leading array of material options and accessories—from the latest in LED lighting to security options, decorative hardware, sliding doors, shelving and drawers! No matter how big or small your space is, we’ll make sure everything has its place.

Get to know more about our services:


Building a custom closet is a great way to get organized and create a functional space to store clothing, shoes, ties, jewelry, handbags, linens, pantry items and so much more! We specialize in both walk-in and reach-in closets of all shapes and sizes. Our large selection of real woods, laminates, textures, colors and accessories allow you to build a closet that reflects your personal style while creating optimal storage. All real wood materials are fabricated locally at our shop in Coastal Delaware—which means we can complete any size closet in a quicker timeframe without sacrificing on quality.

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Closets aren’t our only claim to fame! We also specialize in kitchen cabinetry. Whether you’re looking to do a kitchen refresh or a large-scale renovation, we offer an array of custom cabinetry options. Many of our projects are done in collaboration with the area’s leading residential architects, designers and builders—so you can trust you’re getting the best design and craftsmanship around.

2022 04 27 0003

Murphy Beds

Maximizing every inch of space is our goal, and the best way to make a spare room multifunctional is to add a Murphy bed for out-of-town guests. This space-saving wall bed is one of the hottest trends in home design right now and for good reason. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to make the most of your space.

2022 04 27 0004


Turn your cluttered garage into an organized paradise. Make space for your car, bikes, kids toys, sporting equipment, tools, kayaks, paddle boards and surfboards with our innovative and attractive space-saving solutions. Our material options, including polyaspartic flooring, are specifically engineered to withstand moisture and heat to protect against the Coastal climate of the Delaware and Maryland beaches.

2022 04 27 0005


It’s time to give your bathroom cabinetry the attention it deserves. Let us help upgrade your next bathroom renovation with custom cabinets and storage solutions. We offer the latest in LED lighting, doors, drawers, decorative hardware, shelving, countertops and more.

2022 04 27 0006


Spice up your pantry with accessories such as sliding shelves and vertical dividers to provide organization, all while saving space. Customized pantries help cut back on cooking time by creating designated spaces for pasta, rice, soups, condiments and so much more.

2022 04 27 0007


Mudrooms do more than store coats and backpacks. From custom cubbies to lockers to benches and hooks, a well-designed mudroom helps you reduce clutter in the busiest area of your house.

2022 04 27 0008

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms that actually make you want to do laundry—our specialty. Let our experts help customize your laundry room with creative storage solutions for laundry supplies, hampers, ironing boards, folding areas, hanging space and more.

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We also offer custom built-ins and storage solutions for home offices, kids rooms, and family rooms, in addition to specialty storage like wine cellars, butler’s pantries, and wet bars. Learn more by visiting our Services page.

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