Five Common Mistakes to Avoid when Designing your Custom Closet

As the premier custom closet company in Coastal Delaware and Maryland, we’ve designed and installed hundreds of closets for our customers. Over that time, we’ve seen a lot of closets that quite simply don’t make sense. Hence the need for our clients to redesign them! Fortunately for our clients, we have a team of expert designers to leads them through the design process from start to finish to make sure their closet functions for them. If you’re ready to get started on a custom closet project with us, check out these five common mistakes to avoid! And then give us a call to guarantee they don’t happen with you project!

Not Making The System Adjustable

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Your mix of clothing will change over time, so you’ll need a system that can evolve with your wardrobe. Installing an adjustable system eliminates the headache of not having the right makeup of space as you add in new clothing. If you’re going to invest in a custom closet, you want it to function for you over the long haul!

Not Making the Shelves Deep Enough

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Shallow shelves can leave to a sloppy look, with clothing and shoes hanging out over the edge. Avoid this common mistake by ensuring that your shelves are deep enough to fit a range of clothing and shoes.

Not Tailoring Your Closet to Your Needs

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There is no one-size-fits-all closet! Which is why you need to do some inventory before designing your custom closet to make sure you’re incorporating the best components for your wardrobe! Maybe your work attire takes up the most space. Maybe you have more shirts than dresses. Maybe you’d prefer hanging your clothes instead of stacking them up. Our closet designer will run through all of this during the design process to make sure your closet functions for you!

Not Adding Adequate Lighting

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Lighting can often be overlooked in closet design, but it’s essential to create a space that functions as good as it looks! It’s hard to get dressed in the morning if you have to search for things in the dark. Try installing a focal chandelier in the center of the closet to make a statement or go more subtle with recessed puck lighting to show off purses and accessories, LED lighting to illuminate your wardrobe behind glass doors, or ribbon lighting above closet rods to provide more functional light.

Not Having the Right Type of Shoe Storage

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Not all shoes storage is the same! Cubbies can hold informal footwear such as sandals, flip-flops, slippers, and sneakers. Angled shelves with shoe fences can prop up your pumps and dress shoes. Flat shelves at ground level are best for everyday shoes to make the transition easy. Feeling overwhelmed? That’s why we’re here to help!

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