Our Favorite Luxury Closet Additions

As people are transforming more and more rooms inside their home into multi-purpose spaces, it only makes sense that we’re starting to expand our concept of what goes into a closet. Gone are the days where closets served simply as a clothes depository, often cluttered and packed to the brim. We’re in a new era where closets are being transformed into spaces you actually want to spend time in! As such, here is our list of luxurious closet upgrades that will make you never want to leave your chic, boutique-like haven!

Washers and Dryers

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It’s a natural step to bring a washer and dryer into a space where your dirty clothes end up. Why didn’t we start doing this sooner?! It also streamlines the process of washing and drying your clothes, as you eliminate the need to transport them back and forth.


Now that you’re keeping your clothes in your closet to wash and dry, you’ll need something to do while you’re folding and putting them away! So why not install a TV in your closet? You might find yourself hanging out here even when there’s no laundry to do!

Steaming Cabinets

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This certainly goes in the category of bougee upgrades, but a very functional upgrade! It serves as a huge time saver to traditional steaming and ironing, especially if you’re someone who needs fresh-pressed clothes ready to wear regularly.

Convertible Vanities

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Vanities that double up as desks? Yes please! Not only do they serve two necessary functions but they contribute to the idea that closets are becoming spaces in which we actually spend time! We love situating the vanity/desk by a window for extra charm.

Luggage Station

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If you’re someone who travels frequently, think about adding a luggage station to your custom closet. Imagine the ease of having your luggage stored below a pull-out packing table and being able to efficiently pack for any length trip!

Beverage Station

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Whether you’re thinking coffee station, beverage fridge, or both, you’ll make your closet feel like a spa by adding a beverage station. It’ll even make you want to invite friends in during your next gathering!

Now it’s time to get started planning your custom closet! Contact us today to get started!

5 Upgrades to Make Your Closet Feel Luxurious

Are you ready to ditch your builder-grade closet and finally install storage solutions that work for your wardrobe? We’ve got you covered! At Behind Closed Doors, we specialize in closets with personality. From drawers and shelving to doors and rods, our custom closets reflect your individual needs and style. And while there are endless ways to give your closet more personality, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 upgrades that will make your closet feel luxurious!

Real Wood

Selecting real wood cabinets makes all the difference—not only in quality but in appearance as well. And because our real wood materials are fabricated locally, it’s actually an upgrade that will save you time! We can complete any size closet in a quicker timeframe without sacrificing on quality thanks to our local fabrication.

Center Island

Islands aren’t just for the kitchen! We love adding them into our custom closets to store smaller items like jewelry and accessories, as well as functional add-ons like a laundry hamper and fold-out ironing board. Elevate the look with marble or marble-look countertops.

2022 05 26 0003


There’s no simpler way to elevate your custom closet than with lighting. Try installing a focal chandelier in the center of the closet to make a statement or go more subtle with recessed puck lighting to show off purses and accessories, LED lighting to illuminate your wardrobe behind glass doors, or ribbon lighting above closet rods to provide more functional light.

2022 05 26 0002


If you spend all this time designing your custom closet, shouldn’t you be able to sit down and enjoy it? From benches and ottomans to window seats and vanity chairs, we’re big fans of adding in seating of some shape or form to your custom closet design.

Beverage Bar

Because getting ready is more fun with a cocktail (or two)! Stock your mini fridge with waters, sodas, wine and/or beer to sip while getting dressed. Or take it up a notch by adding an espresso machine. Trust us, this is one upgrade that’s worth every penny.

2022 05 26 0001

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