The Best Wine Storage for your Hospitality Business

When it comes to commercial wine storage projects, the sky is the limit! Whether you own a liquor store, wine shop, hotel, bar, or restaurant, Behind Closed Doors can hook you up with wine storage that looks as good as it functions! We offer an array of storage solutions to upgrade your existing displays or install something brand new from scratch. To get started, here are our favorite ways to display wine in a commercial setting!

Behind Glass

Is there anything cooler than an entire room dedicated to wine? We think not! We recommend a wine room or cellar for businesses who need or want to store a large inventory, especially with temperature controls. Some clients even choose to turn their wine rooms into a makeshift tasting room by adding barstools, a countertop and lighting.

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In the Lobby or Waiting Area

A wine wall or room in a lobby or waiting area creates a fun focal point for guests who are waiting for a table at a restaurant, a seat at the bar, or even for a meeting in a corporate office. And, bonus, it serves as functional storage for your wine inventory!

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Inside Pretty Shelving

Wooden racks, pegboards, angled shelving to show off the label—you name it, we’ve got it at Behind Closed Doors. Whether you’re installing the shelving in a separate room, on a wall, or behind a bar, there are tons of ways to make it as attractive as it is functional!

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Behind a Bar

We love the look of a dedicated wine bar with storage behind it. Upgrade your look with custom glass doors to give the bar an elevated feel or keep it simple with attractive shelving that’s easier to access. Either way, we’re here to help bring your dreams to life!

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Contact us today to get started on your commercial wine storage project!

Wine Storage But Make it Art

Wine storage, but make it art! That’s our philosophy when we approach residential and commercial wine storage projects. Whether you’re looking to fit a display into an unused space or create a stunning focal point, we’re here to make your wine storage look as good as it functions! Here are our favorite ways to add attractive wine storage to your home or business:

Wine Wall

Wine walls work equally well residentially and commercially. For businesses like restaurants and hotels, we usually go larger to accommodate their inventory. But in residential projects, we find smaller displays work better so as not to overwhelm or take over a space. Wine walls are an especially great option when you have limited floor space.

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Wine Room

For our hardcore wine enthusiasts or our largescale commercial projects, we recommend a wine room or cellar. These larger spaces provide enough room for your collection or inventory and can be done in many attractive ways. Some clients even choose to turn their wine rooms into a makeshift tasting room by adding barstools, a countertop and lighting.

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Wine Staircase  

This is our favorite way to add wine storage when space is at a minimum, both residentially and commercially. You can go more rustic with wall shelving or more modern with glass-enclosed storage. Either way, it’s a creative and attractive way to incorporate wine storage into your home or business.

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Let’s start planning your wine storage project today! Contact us to schedule your in-home or in-business consultation.

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